Today, Sept. 13, 2022 on our way to work we spotted this beautiful bull elk all tangled in wire mesh fencing. The fencing was not only caught in his antlers but also trailing behind him, causing his hooves to get caught in the wire as he tried to walk.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Estes Park Police Dept. were notified and police officers and auxiliary members kept tabs on the animal’s location until help could arrive with emergency equipment to help this distressed bull.

CPW arrived and assessed the situation and decided to drug immobilize the bull so they could free him of this awful entanglement.

It took a few minutes for the tranquilizer to take effect but once he was down and the Colorado Parks and Wildlife manager determined he was sound asleep, rescue workers moved in with wire cutters and quickly freed the bull.

After the wire was off, the CPW officer gave the bull a reversal drug to wake him up. He was slow to wake so another dose was given. He most likely was harder to rouse since he was completely exhausted after battling the wire entanglement for who knows how long! 

This story is a great reminder that the elk rut is underway in the Estes Valley and when bull elk are pumped up with testosterone, anything that moves can be of interest. Swings, hammocks, volleyball nets and tire swings blowing in the wind pose a challenge for the elk and they will approach these items and try to spar with them.

The elk don’t care who or what is in their way, their goal is to pass down their genes to their offspring.

This can be a very dangerous time for the bulls in the area as their antlers can easily become entangled in many items we have around our homes and yards.

Please take a look around your homes, yards and businesses for items that the elk may get tangled up in and put them in a safe place until the rut is over.

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