Fall River Entrance Of RMNP

On Thursday afternoon, May 13, park rangers at Rocky Mountain National Park responded to cell phone reports from park visitors who indicated there was a man running down the Gem Lake Trail, toward the Lumpy Ridge Trailhead parking area, yelling that he was being chased by someone with a rifle. While rangers were responding to the area, they received an additional report about a woman who had been knocked down on the Gem Lake Trail by a man running down the trail.

Once on scene, park rangers began to search the area and approximately 400 yards from the trailhead, they located a male subject sitting on the trail who appeared to be injured. It was determined this person was the man who was reportedly running down the trail. He appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. Rangers detained this subject, who was combative. He was ultimately transported by ambulance to Estes Park Health for treatment.

A short time later, the injured woman hiked to the parking area with help from Good Samaritan park visitors. She was treated for her injuries at the trailhead and transported by ambulance to Estes Park Health.

While additional information was being gathered, rangers, with assistance from the Estes Park Police Department K-9 Unit, continued to search the Gem Lake Trail for any indication of firearm use and/or any other persons of interest based on reported descriptions.

It was determined a group of three males were together for a hike at Lumpy Ridge, including the subject. The remaining two males were subsequently contacted on the Gem Lake Trail and escorted to the parking area. The hospitalized male was determined to be under the influence of narcotics. No weapons were found in the area and there were no additional reports of a person carrying a rifle. Rangers contacted approximately 30 people on the trail who stated they did not hear any gunshots or see an armed individual during their visit to the area. The case is under investigation and park rangers are working with the United States Attorney’s Office on charges. No further information is available at this time.

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