Trail Ridge Road, Snow September 2020

Photo courtesy NPS

Today, Tuesday, November 17, Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park officially closed for the season to through travel. Currently Trail Ridge Road is open to Many Parks Curve on the east side of the park and to the Grand Lake Entrance on the west side of the park, due to safety issues related to the East Troublesome Fire impacts along that lower western portion of Trail Ridge Road. 

Trail Ridge Road was not designed to be an all season road, with 11 miles above 11,500 feet, few guardrails and no shoulders. Winter conditions of drifting snow, high winds and below freezing temperatures often occur above 10,000 feet.

Trail Ridge Road normally opens the last week in May, weather permitting. This year Trail Ridge Road opened on June 4.

Old Fall River Road has also closed for the season. Trail Ridge Road and Old Fall River Road will remain open to bicycles and leashed pets through November 30, re-opening on April 1, except during road maintenance operations and emergency closures as posted. Cyclists and pet owners may utilize the roads at their own risk. On December 1, both of these roads will revert to "winter trail status" which means that bicycles and leashed pets are no longer permitted beyond the closed gates but pedestrians are. At this time, Trail Ridge Road is closed between the Colorado River Trailhead and Grand Lake Entrance to all uses.

For more information about Rocky Mountain National Park, please visit or call the park’s Information Office at (970) 586-1206.

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