A New Look At A Past Pleasure

You can enjoy a new look at a nostalgic TV show.

(NAPSI)—Here’s news for TV fans: For eight years in the 1960s, one TV program, “The Andy Griffith Show,” was consistently ranked in the top ten most popular. If you’re a fan—or would like to see its appeal for yourself—you may be glad to know there’s now a podcast that can explain it all to you.

Set in the idyllic North Carolina town of Mayberry, the half-hour comedy shows the life and times of Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith), a widower sheriff, his young son Opie (Ron Howard) and his Aunt Bee (Francis Bavier), who takes care of the family. Andy is assisted by his bumbling deputy, Barney Fife (Don Knotts), and the town is full of charming characters played by some outstanding actors.

The show is still available on some cable and streaming channels, and now there’s a podcast that looks into each episode in depth with humor, knowledge and affection for the series.

Writer Aaron Tallent and Chris Cordingley host “The Loaded Goat,” a re-watch podcast every Monday and Thursday. The two break down the series episode by episode. Each podcast provides interesting tidbits about the show and takes that are both in-depth and fun for old and new generations of fans. 

You can check out the podcast on Apple, Spotify, Amazon and wherever podcasts are available, as well as www.loadedgoat.net.

 "Each podcast of “The Loaded Goat” podcast provides interesting tidbits about “The Andy Griffith Show” and takes that are both in-depth and fun for old and new generations of fans.https://bit.ly/3s7UVs4"

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