Wendy Koenig

Dear People of Estes Park,

Upon announcing my candidacy for mayor of Estes, I pledged to represent all people. To actively listen to their opinions. Explain my positions on key issues. And to host a training session for trustees and me about the ethics.

Here’s a report out about what I’m fulfilling my pledge.

During the 21 days since becoming mayor, hundreds of you have reached out. Sharing your thoughts with me. Describing challenges. Voicing concerns. Seeking clarifications, making suggestions, and more often than not... thanking me for listening. Your sharing helps me better represent you, and enables us move forward together. Local government is supposed to work this way.

This past Tuesday was a big day.

In the afternoon, experts from CIRSA trained the town’s trustees and me about doing your business in an open, transparent, and ethical manner. They gave special attention to policies concerning recusal circumstances, procedures for disclosure, and communications.

That evening, the trustees and I heard from two experts. First up, Public Health director Dr. Gonzales briefed us, staff and towns people about Larimer County’s efforts to treat and curtail Covid-19. Gonzales’ presence was a timely counterbalance to the information shortage that’s fueled frustration, anger. and given rise to pseudo-science theories. His shining a light on the realities of the pandemic, pointed the way forward for us and the county.

The way forward, by necessity involves caution. Now, with people fearful of getting out—lest they get sick—we must give them confidence Estes Park is a safe destination for visiting, shopping, and enjoyment. That for those of us who live, work, and raise families here, our and their safety and health is a chief concern. The confidence they seek and will attract them here, comes from our caution, care, calm, not conflict. It comes from us having a low incidence rate for Covid-19. And from us accepting, not defiantly protesting the wearing personal protective equipment in public. Let’s talk a deep breath, focus on the common good, then with caution and confidence move forward together.

Next, RMNP Superintendent Darla Sidles, an Estes resident, provided particulars about the phased-in opening of the park beginning May 27. An approach informed by guidance from the White House and the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as state and local public health authorities. Please join me in supporting their efforts.

On a related note, the EDC, Chamber of Commerce, and Visit Estes Park have been busily engaging various stakeholders of the town to generate ideas about moving forward. Including public transit, options for social distancing, handling overflow on sidewalks downtown, addressing residential transportation issues. The groups met on Tuesday May 12, and will report their recommendations May 26.

This is a glimpse into how I’m keeping my pledge to you. To stay abreast of how ‘m representing you please check this space weekly for my report outs. In the meantime, stay safe, remain healthy and keep howling.


Wendy Koenig Mayor of Estes Park

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