John “Cowboy” Jaros

John was born in Saint Paul, MN on July 19, 1984 and went home to be with his Lord and Savior on June 18, 2022.

He graduated high school in Wisconsin in 2002 and left home to make a life for himself shortly after. John moved from place to place until he made his permanent home in Estes Park, CO. In the 15 years John lived in Estes Park, he worked at SK Stables, ran his own carriage business, and was employed by many construction companies in town prior to owning his own his own construction business. Until the day of his death, John was the owner of Park Village Construction and plowed snow for many members of the community and local businesses. John was a 14-year volunteer with The Rooftop Rodeo and 9 year volunteer firefighter for the Glen Haven Volunteer Fire Department where he served as the current Assistant Fire Chief. John would often help people in need. It didn’t matter whether it was a friend or a stranger, if John saw a need that he could meet, he would meet it. On the outside, John seem like a hard man. To those who managed to move past the wall he built around himself, he had a heart of gold.

John met his wife, Katie, in Estes Park and a year later, they married on June 25, 2010. They made their home and built their family in the Estes Valley. They attended the Christian Church of Estes Park the last few years of his life. In 2013, the family moved to the community of Glen Haven and immediately he became involved with the fire department. John and Katie were blessed with three beautiful children: Ryan, Saul, and Gretchen. John considered his children to be the greatest gifts God had ever given him. They were truly the joys of his life. John worked hard and sacrificed daily to ensure that his kids would have full and happy childhoods and that his wife was loved and supported. John was always instilling into his kids hard work, loyalty and honesty. He was determined to prepare his children for success in life, but most importantly John taught his children the love and goodness of Christ.

John is survived by his wife, Katie Jaros of Glen Haven; his sons, Ryan (11) and Saul (9); his daughter, Gretchen (5); his father and step-mother, Robert and Joan Jaros of Hazelhurst, WI; mother, Julie Jaros of Saint Paul, MN; brother, Robert Jaros Jr. of Watertown, WI; sister, Bekki Jaros of Saint Paul, MN; and the many friends in his life he chose to be family.

A service to celebrate his life will be held at the Estes Park Fairgrounds inside the Event Center on July 13, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. All are welcome to attend. To leave a message for the family please visit

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