Ana Rivera

Ana Maria Rivera, age 82, passed away peacefully Sunday, May 10th, 2020 due to Dementia.

She was born Thursday, March 17th, 1938 in Chicama, Trujillo, Peru to Obdulia Burgas and Francisco Huacacolqui. She married the late Carlos Alberto Rivera on March 21st, 1954 with whom she had five children; Luis Rivera (January 12th, 1955), Ana Maria Rivera (stillborn), Javier Rivera (June 28th, 1958- April 25th, 2014), Carlos Rivera (December 24th, 1963) and Elizabeth Rivera (September 29th, 1967). They divorced on June 4th, 2001 after 47 years of marriage.

Ana loved to be organized. She was caring, a dedicated woman to God. She was hard working and hardly still, a great cook, she delighted her family for decades with various dishes typical of Peru. A great example of what perseverance and hard work brings, providing a better future for her entire family.

For many years Ana worked for the Bedoya family in Miami, Florida. Helping raise their three kids (Mauricio, Alejandro, and Kristina Bedoya) all of whom loved her dearly, and helping maintain the house.

Ana is survived by her sister Martha Palma and brothers Guillermo Palma, Andres Vazquez, and Jose Vazquez; her three children, Luis Rivera, Carlos Rivera, and Elizabeth Rivera; her grandchildren, Ana Rivera, Luis Rivera, Alexis Contreras, Natalia Rivera, Anais Rivera, Valeria Rivera, and Alexander Perez; Plus her great grandchild Alejandro Contreras and her many nephews and nieces. All of these she loved and touched deeply.

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