Joseph Pitsch

Joseph Thomas Pitsch passed away November 2, 2020, he will be greatly missed by many. Joe was born in Appleton, Wisconsin on May 14, 1959 to Corrine and Norman Pitsch. He had an older sister Lynn, a brother Mike and a little sister Julie. The Pitsch family was raised in Appleton, WI with wonderful neighbors such as the Baum family. They also enjoyed time in Mountain, WI with family.

The racetrack circuit eventually drew Joe and his ex-wife (Cheri) to the road. He would share many stories about different racetracks and even had the opportunity to walk a track with Paul Newman. He was the mechanic for the cars and drove them across country.

Joe then moved to Estes Park, CO in 1985 after his brother Mike moved there a few years earlier. He immediately started putting his knowledge of construction to work, working for different contractors in the area. He quickly became an accomplished trimmer and then finally starting his own construction company, Finishing Touch Construction and Design.

During the Finishing Touch era Joe developed many professional and personal relationships that helped mold his 35 years he spent in the quiet mountain town. You could drive around the small town with Joe and it felt like he had built or modified every house in town. He was very proud of his work and rightfully so.

December 25, 2001 became a very important day for Joe, his son Noah Pitsch was born. He raced to finish the house he designed and built for Carrie, her sons and Noah before was born. The stories he had of Noah as a baby were priceless. He was a very proud father and enjoyed watching his son grow up and become the outstanding hardworking adult that he is today.

Joe was involved in bowling leagues, enjoyed hunting, cooking, and riding his motorcycle. He always had a huge love for camping and dogs. Spicy foods seemed to be Joe’s favorite. You could watch him eat hot peppers without breaking a sweat.

Joe was proceeded in death by his mother Corrine Pitsch and sister Lynn Pautz. He is survived by his father Norman Pitsch, brother Michael Pitsch, sister Julie VanEffen, son Noah Pitsch, life partner Gigi Wadley, two dogs Sporty and Booboo and many nieces, nephews and cousins.

A celebration of life is still being planned and will be announced later.

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