Babs Mock

Babs Mock 1938-2019

If you ever met Babs, surely you loved her. She was that type of person: kind, loving, always smiling, and ever so sweet. Her faith was her guide. Her kids and grandkids were her life. She was all about experiences and exposing her family to things that were important to her, hoping that one day they too would carry on her legacy. She was 80 going on 50. She filled her days volunteering in Rocky Mountain National Park and at the high school with at risk girls, hanging with her 'little brother' that she mentored through the Partners Mentoring Youth program, working with Crossroads Ministry and the list goes on. She never met a stranger, loved potlucks, playing with the grandkids, and doing things for others, especially when no one was looking.

Over 75 years ago, this young girl from Tyler, Texas first discovered her beloved Estes Park. Babs loved nature. She was always outside doing something. “Why would anyone choose to be inside?” she would say. She would hike every chance she got. People would often stop her on the trails and shyly ask her age, amazed at her strength and endurance. She would reuse, recycle, and save everything you can possibly imagine; picking up litter and tucking it in her pocket along the trails. She passed these traditions on to her kids and grandkids, teaching them to love nature and especially Colorado, raising them on summers full of picnics in the park, watching wildlife, and experiencing the great outdoors. Among the many things she was known for, there were the crazy outfits… bright colors and wild patterns. She would say “It makes people smile, and I love it… don’t you?” She was also known for being very frugal… “I’m laughing all the way to the bank” she would say. “Never spend a penny that you don’t have to.” There were exceptions. She was happy to spend on things like taking all the children and grandchildren on construction mission trips to Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. Helping others is what matters, and she wanted all to experience and live that joy of giving.

Babs lost her husband, Carroll, a few years ago. It comforts the family to know they are now together again. She leaves behind three children (Keith, Laurie, and Julie) and their spouses (Beth and Tom), her seven grandchildren (Katherine, Eric, Parker, Clare, Ben, Brooks, and Bryan), her dog (Fritz), and her countless friends. She’ll be fondly remembered for her huge heart, her big smile, and her contagious laugh, often with tears flowing down her face over something silly that she herself had done. If everyone in the world was even just a little more like “Nana Babs,” the world would be a much better place.

The “Celebration of Babs” will be held on Saturday, September 21, 2019. At noon, we will begin with a service at the YMCA of the Rockies outdoor amphitheater near the Upper Cookout area. Please bring your favorite appetizer, side dish, or dessert to share at a potluck at the same location. Dress for the weather, and we hope you will be comfortable, casual, and colorful (Babs style… because she felt all-black was too depressing). Instead of flowers, please consider a contribution to one of Babs’ favorite organizations, for example, YMCA of the Rockies, Crossroads Ministry of Estes Park, Estes Valley Land Trust, or the Rocky Mountain Conservancy.

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