Level Up

The following Estes Park businesses have been approved by the Five Star program, which means they can operate at a level up from the rest of the county. That means when we're at Level Red, they can operate at Orange (25%) and when we're at Orange they can operate at Yellow (50%). Celebrate with us and support our local businesses currently open:

Bird & Jim

Claire’s restaurant and bar

Ed’s Cantina

Big Horn Restaurant Inc

Estes Park Brewery

Hunter's Chophouse

Mama Rose’s Restaurant

Notchtop Cafe

Poppy’s Pizza & Grill

Smokin Dave's BBQ & Brew

Snowy Peaks Winery

The Barrel, LLC

The Wild Rose Food & Spirits

Apply for the Level Up Certification Process here. We do have an application in Spanish. If you need assistance with your application, contact Donna Carlson at 719-209-9900.

Here's what you can expect.

1. Public Health reviews the app.

2. Review committee considers any reason why we should not approve.

3. Inspector goes into the field. Once the inspector says you are approved, you are free to open.

4. If the inspector does not have your window cling advertising that you are certified, contact The Chamber.

5. A Chamber rep will come and take a picture of you with your certified poster. We'll post it on Instagram and Facebook.

You can find more details on

The NOCO Recovers page, including a copy of the presentation and links to more details.

Everyday Estes interviews with Ingrid Bush and Melissa Strong on Facebook.

The Chamber blog. Here's where you sign up for updates. Please check the box for the Level Up/Five Star Program.

We still need to do everything we can to encourage all the safety measure to reduce the spread and level the #s.

This started with a letter from Senator Woodward to legislators to do all we can to support our business community. Send a special Christmas note of thanks to him and the coalition of Chambers and NOCO Recovers team for all their work.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we move to Orange, is this even necessary?

Right now in Level Red, the Five Star Level Up program allows certified businesses to operate at Orange. If the County moves to Orange, Five Star Certified Businesses will operate at Yellow. It's a win for greater capacity and a reward for all the businesses working so hard to slow the flow.

Where can I find other FAQs?


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