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On Monday, February 1, 2021, the Estes Park Health Board of Directors voted to submit a “Prospect Park Skilled Nursing Facility Proposed Facility Closure and Resident Transfer Plan” to the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE). The plan was submitted on February 3, 2021 and was accepted by CDPHE on the same date.

Estes Park Health Living Center has identified Friday April 9, 2021 as the target date to close the facility while acknowledging that the actual closing date will depend upon the status of the coronavirus pandemic, having sufficient time to ensure residents’ choice in their transfer plan, and protecting residents’ health and safety.

All 13 residents and their legal representatives have been notified of the targeted closure date for the facility, and that Estes Park Health Living Center will assist the residents in an orderly transfer to the location of their choice that can meet their needs.

Each resident will be transferred to the most appropriate facility or other setting in terms of quality, services, and location, taking into consideration the needs, personal choices and best interest of each resident determined through each resident’s evaluation and discharge planning process.

Estes Park Health Living Center will be conducting recurring individual and virtual group informational meetings for the residents and their representatives and families to keep everyone informed of the process for relocation on an every-other-week basis throughout the closure process, or more frequently as needed or requested.

Estes Park Health Living Center will not cease operations until all residents are appropriately placed, even if placement activities extend beyond the target closure date. Resident care and services will continue to be provided, monitored, and supervised until each resident is discharged.

Estes Park Health Living Center will take such measures as are reasonably necessary to retain appropriate staffing levels at the facility during the resident relocation and facility closure process.

Every reasonable effort will be made to find positions within the Estes Park Health organization for Estes Park Health Living Center employees.

While the Estes Park Living Center has been operating at a deficit for years, the deficit has more recently dramatically increased due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and consequent significant census decrease. Our census has fallen from the low 30s in 2018 to the current 13 residents on February 8, 2021. An assessment by Stroudwater Associates identified that to break even financially we would need to fill 45 beds. In addition to decreasing census, as with many organizations nationwide, we have had challenges hiring and retaining skilled personnel, and have had to hire more contractors with associated increased personnel costs and an impact on the quality of care.

The “Prospect Park Skilled Nursing Facility Proposed Facility Closure and Resident Transfer Plan” is available at 2021/02/EPH-Living-Center-Closure-Plan-2021-02Feb-03.pdf

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