Hungry firefighters being fed by a small but mighty crew at The Stanley Hotel. Over 1,100 meals have been served. All photos by Barb Davis.

Firefighting crews from around the country have been treated to wonderful meals and hospitality at the Stanley Hotel. The Stanley is taking care of close to 330 firefighters during their efforts to control the East Troublesome Fire, Thompson Zone and the Cameron Peak Fire.


Amy Hamrick & owner John Cullen. Milk was needed for meals and Amy at KIND Coffee delivered it with a smile. 


Feeding our local EVFPD firefighters. Estes Park evacuated & fire departments came to our aid to fight the Cameron Peak Fire to our north & east and the East Troublesome Fire on the west side of town.  

Stanley Hotel owner John Cullen said, There is no way to express the appreciation as an owner of a 110-year-old wood hotel that has survived all the things that have happened over the last 110 years. These are 350 to 400 of the bravest souls in Estes, here to rescue us. It was really one of those great moments where the spirit of the Stanley shined on.”


Signs of appreciation.

Thank you to all the firefighters doing everything they can to save the town of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. We commend you for standing tall in the face of enormous adversity, braving the fires to save our community and homes. And thank you Mother Nature for blessing us with snow!

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