Tommy Caldwell

YMCA of the Rockies is pleased to present two special guest speakers during the upcoming Mountaineering Weekend that are free and open to the community. We invite you join us on two nights Saturday, February 15 and Sunday, February 16 for intriguing, thought-provoking and adventurous storytelling. Both presentations will be located in Hempel Auditorium at YMCA of the Rockies.

Saturday, February 15 at 7 p.m.

Tommy Caldwell presents, “Climbing and Climate Change”

Tommy Caldwell is a father, husband, professional rock climber and environmental activist from Estes Park, Colorado. Tommy is widely recognized for his cutting-edge and record-breaking ascents on the seemingly impossible granite walls of Yosemite Valley. In 2015, for 19 days Tommy and Kevin Jorgeson climbed 3,000 feet up the Dawn Wall, a blank face on Yosemite’s monolithic El Capitan and the hardest big-wall rock climb in the world. Their story was covered by every major news outlet, including The New York Times, National Geographic, TIME, ABC, CNN and ESPN. A 2018 award-winning film, The Dawn Wall, was based on their accomplishment, and the feat even caught the attention of President Barack Obama, who remarked, “You remind us that anything is possible.” Tommy has also established the most free climbing routes on El Capitan. Most recently, Tommy and climbing partner Alex Honnold broke the two-hour speed barrier on the 3,000-foot Nose route of El Capitan. From his childhood in the mountains of Colorado to a professional life spent climbing in wild places around the world, Tommy’s connection to nature has always been deeply personal and offered him an up-close and unique view of the threats facing our wild places. He has been published in multiple media outlets, and his memoir, The Push: A Climber's Journey of Endurance, Risk, and Going Beyond Limits, is a New York Times best seller. He is currently a Global Sport Activist® ambassador for the outdoor clothing company Patagonia, inspiring climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts to fight to protect the one and only planet we call home.

Sunday, February 16 at 7 p.m.

Quinn Brett presents,

“Moving in a New Way”

Alpine Climber Quinn Brett sought to travel and climb mountains throughout the world, reveling in the freedom of movement but also advocating for safe keeping of these special places. She worked as a climbing ranger Rocky Mountain National Park, technical rescuer and first responder. This intimate work within public lands also opened opportunities to spread a need for stewardship within the recreational community. October 2017 she took a big fall while rock climbing in Yosemite National Park, causing paralysis below the navel. Her drive to cover long distances over technically complex terrain continues, so does her advocacy and adventure love for wild spaces.

For more information about the presentations and Mountaineering Weekend visit, or call 970-586-3341 ext. 1104.

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