The following is from the Estes Park School District: 

We are sending this communication today announcing a closure of our schools starting Monday, March 16, through the end of Spring Break on March 27th.

While we don't have a presumptive positive case of COVID-19 in the Estes Valley as of this morning, we do know there are several pending tests and we can assume that our status will change very quickly. Student and staff safety is our top priority. This is a difficult decision and we understand the challenges that a school closure can cause for our families and community. We want to act with extreme caution and be sure to limit the spread of any viruses. The narrative across our state has certainly switched in the last 24 hours from "contain the spread when it is confirmed" to "reduce community spread by limiting social connections totally".

During this time, our school buildings will be closed for in-person classes and services. All Estes Park School District facilities will be closed to students and non-essential employees.

Starting Monday the 16th, we will transition to a Cloud Learning plan where students will learn from home during next week. We know that this will not replace the wonderful class environment that our students are used to on a daily basis, but our hope is that we can provide resources to families to keep students learning, even at home during this difficult time. Today, we will be sending students home with district devices and materials to complement this learning. We will also be urging students to take home all personal belongings so that the district can perform deep cleaning and disinfecting procedures during this time. During the week of Spring Break, we expect families to use their break as they normally would and not supplement with learning activities, this is still a break.

Online learning enrichment will look different at each grade level, utilizing tools such as SeeSaw in the Elementary School levels and Schoology at the secondary levels. Our curriculum teams will send follow up communications through today and leading up to the closure on Monday detailing what this means as the plan develops.

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