On Monday, November 16, 2020, Northwest Incident Management Team 10 (IMT) delegated command of the Cameron Peak Fire on state and private lands to the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office. The IMT will remain in place and continue their efforts on federal lands.

LCSO will maintain command in areas on state and private lands not covered by a fire district. See the attached map that shows federal, state, and private land ownership within the fire perimeter.

Cameron Peak Fire Map, Nov. 16, 2020

The IMT will not have completed all suppression repairs on state and private lands by the time this transition took place. Larimer County will assume responsibility for the remaining repairs and will assess those areas in Spring 2021. This will be coordinated through the Larimer County Office of Emergency Management. Questions regarding needed suppression repairs on state and private lands should be sent to oem@larimer.org.

LCSO Emergency Operations Director Justin Whitesell said, “This has been a very long and difficult fire season for Larimer County. Without the support of National Incident Management teams, firefighters, and numerous others who traveled to Larimer County, we would not have been able to fight the aggressive wildland fires. These personnel spent many days helping Larimer County, spending time away from their families and work. Their efforts are greatly appreciated.”

The Cameron Peak Fire remains at 208,913 acres with 92% containment. LCSO will continue to update our website with new information regarding the fire and resources available to those impacted by the fire. Visit www.larimer.org/cameron-peak-fire for details.

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