The current weather has provided a critically needed pause in fire growth. Officials expect the fire to stay in its current perimeter for approximately a week until weather changes and fuel dries out. This weather break is providing an opportunity for fire management partners to continue working with the community to develop management action points.

A dedicated incident management team (IMT) has just set up in Estes Park to manage the south side of the fire, and our staff has been working closely with them in planning for operations, logistics and public information. The fire team will be focusing resources on creating defensive lines where the fire has the potential to move toward Glen Haven and Estes Park.

While we hope the actions of the firefighters will help stop growth of the fire toward our valley, the return of fire weather conditions and abundant fuel mean we all must be prepared for this possibility. Fortunately, we have the ability to make adjustments to our own property to increase their ability to withstand a wildfire. You can find resources on Estes Valley Fire's website This includes resources for preparing your home, and preparing yourself should you need to evacuate.

The IMT and community partners continue working on trigger points and evacuation scenarios in the event the Estes Park area requires voluntary or mandatory evacuations. Pre-planning means much of this structure is in place for when/if it's needed, and now officials will watch fire behavior and are preparing to share with the public the most likely evacuation scenarios if the fire continues to grow toward the Estes Valley from its current perimeter.

If evacuations occur and lodging is needed, the Red Cross will be available to provide evacuation resources

We plan to provide more information to the community as it becomes available, through existing fire information channels, as well as the Town's channels. Watch our Facebook page for updates: (no account needed)

Public safety emergency alerts and evacuation zones map:

Joint Information Center open from 8 a.m.-8 p.m: 970-980-2500 and

Rocky Mountain National Park restrictions and closures

More resources from the fire management team:

Fire Information Office: 970-541-1008, open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.




Interactive StoryMap:

Smoke Update:

Support firefighters and public safety by following the fire bans.

Have a plan, be ready.

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