Covid Updates

As a community, we are learning daily about best practices with respect to COVID-19. Although the risk of being affected by the illness here in Northern Colorado is relatively low at this point, social distancing has been suggested. Here in our public facing areas, we ask that you practice social distancing ANYTIME you are not feeling well.

However, this doesn’t have to mean that you can’t accomplish your business needs! We have many remote options that are always available to you. Please know I and the staff in my office remain committed to supporting your needs.


From election results to applying to be an election judge to updating or initiating your own registration – you can find the information and handle those processes via our website at This website will link you to the Secretary of State’s website, as applicable. If needed, you are welcomed to call our office at 970-498-7820 or email us at

Recording – Public Record/Marriage License

You can search the public record, see a digital document image, and actually purchase/ download that document from the comfort of your home or business by going to There is no charge to register and conduct your search – you only pay for the documents you download.

If you will be getting married in Larimer County within 30 days, you can complete the Marriage License Application online at Although both parties to the marriage will still need to come into the office to get the actual license, completing the application before arriving will greatly reduce your time in our public spaces.

As always, you can call us at 970-498-7860 or email us at, before coming in, to see if a trip is really necessary.

Vehicle Licensing

There are many Vehicle Licensing transactions that you can now accomplish online by going to This website will link you to the state website when needed.

Renew Your License Plates (even if you’re late)

Complete a First Time Registration

Request a Duplicate Title

Request a Duplicate Registration Card

Estimate Registration Fees

Change Your Address

Report Release of Liability (if you sold a vehicle)

Replace Tabs or Plates

Apply for a First Time Disability Placard

You can renew your plates (even if you’re late) at our self-serve kiosks, which are located in grocery stores – still a public place, but you may have to go to the grocery store anyway and can pick less busy hours if you desire. Go to for location details.

There are many processes you can accomplish over the phone - simply call 970-498-7878, Option 5, and a fully trained technician can help you. Your patience is appreciated – hold times may be a bit longer as call volumes rise.

If you just have a question, you can “chat” in real time with a fully trained technician by going to and clicking on the yellow “Let’s Talk” box in the bottom right-hand corner. The box will only be available if a technician is available to receive your message.

If you do find that you must come into the office, making an appointment in advance will mean that you are very quickly in and out (really…no waiting in line at all). To make an appointment go to

And, if all else fails and you have to come in on the spur of the moment, check the wait times in our offices before coming, that will give you an idea of the number of people you will encounter in our lobbies and how much time you will be spending here. Simply go to to see those details for the Loveland and Fort Collins offices.

There is nothing more important than your health and the health of our staff. During this window of time or anytime, please be discerning about coming into public offices when you are not feeling well – you will be grateful when others do the same. It’s very likely that most who read this won’t be affected by this unique illness…but, if nothing else, this is a great reminder to do what our Mothers always told us – don’t share your “bug” with others when your sick, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, and wash your hands (correctly!).

Be well everyone…

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