Aviation Club Meeting

Richard "Dick" Life

The Piper Navajo is a twin-engine general aviation aircraft; however, that will not be the topic of this month’s Aviation Club meeting. Richard "Dick" Life, his wife, Sandra, and a 12 yr old granddaughter spent a couple of weeks in the summer school program of the St. Bonaventure Mission & School that serves the eastern portion of the only Navajo Reservation in the U.S. The daily classroom interaction with Navajo children, accompanying the Navajo social worker for a day visiting the elderly & needy, another day with the Navajo driver of the water truck, and attending a pow-wow were eye-opening experiences. It was a terrific introduction to Navajo culture and how families live on this beautiful, yet unforgiving land.

Dick Life, Captain, US Navy (Ret), an intelligence collector and analyst, is a specialist in foreign affairs. He is a graduate of the US Naval Academy, earned an MA in Russian Area Studies from Georgetown University, and as a senior officer graduated from the US Army War College. Dick has lived and worked in the international arena continuously since 1962, and is uniquely qualified to address national security issues and regional hot spots.

Dick was trained by the Defense Intelligence Agency and CIA. He lived in Vietnam, the Soviet Union, and in the 1980s led Navy and Marine intelligence operations from offices in Munich, Berlin, and the Persian Gulf during the fall of the Berlin Wall, the meltdown of the USSR, and Desert Shield/Storm.

In retirement, he has volunteered in U.S. State Department programs including serving as an international observer of presidential elections in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Macedonia.

Join us on Wednesday, October 13, at the American Legion Building, 850 N St Vrain Ave to hear Dick speak about his time with the Navajo. The Aviation Club meeting will begin at 6:30 pm. The public is invited to attend.

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