Duck Race Sponsors

By: Rita DuChateau

Everyone knows that the Estes Park Duck Race Festival is fun, exciting, and is a major fundraiser for Estes Valley Participating Organizations. Did you know that generous sponsors make the Estes Park Duck Race Festival possible? Sponsors ensure that 95 percent of every Duck Adoption goes to the organization selected by Duck Adopters.

Rotary Club of Estes Park’s Scott Thompson is again leading the effort to recruit sponsors, and he hopes to enlist support from both old and new sponsors. Two levels of sponsorship are available. Major Sponsors donate $500 or more. Associate Sponsors donate $100-$499. Sponsors are recognized according to sponsorship level in Duck Race promotions, on the event website, and in local newspapers. Major Sponsors have extra benefits, including a large plastic duck personally decorated with their name that will “swim” on race day. Those sponsor ducks are then displayed at supporting businesses in town, where they showcase the donors’ community spirit.

Major sponsors will be recognized on the Race Day broadcast on the Rocky Mountain Channel, and their logos will be displayed on the event poster, in weekly ads, and on the Duck Race Facebook page and website. In addition, Major Sponsors will be featured in a short video that they can share.

“We are again planning a virtual event, due to the unknown status of pandemic restrictions that may be in place on May 1. Plans are already in place for the race to be held at the Estes Valley Community Recreation Center, where the ducks will be swimming in the warm water of the Lazy River,” Thompson said.

The May 1 Duck Race will be livestreamed on the Rocky Mountain Channel and YouTube.

Thompson stresses the important reason for the race, which has a 32-year history and has returned $2.5 million to community groups.

“Because of the generosity of our Major and Associate sponsors, we will be able to return an impressive 95 percent of Duck Adoption proceeds to 64 Participating Organizations this year,” he said. “We deeply appreciate our sponsors. They make it possible for our Participating Organizations to carry out their missions of making our town a better place to live.”

In an environment of uncertainty for many non-profits, the Duck Race planners are proud to be able to move forward with a safe, virtual event so that Estes Valley organizations will receive much-needed funds, Thompson said.

To sign on as a sponsor of the 2021 Estes Park Duck Race Festive, contact Thompson at or at (970) 590-9941.

“The sooner you make your sponsorship payment, the sooner you will be recognized in the paper,” Thompson added with encouragement.

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