Friends of Folk Festival

August 24, 12:30pm - 10pm
Tuesday Night Live at Performance Park – 435 West Elkhorn, Estes Park

The Friends of Folk Festival celebrates Dick Orleans’ legacy with music and community. This Festival is held in the style of Dick’s “Friends of Folk” nights where both professionals & amateurs entertain.

Call for Volunteers

We are all volunteers with the Estes Arts District and this concert production is getting bigger and better every year. Let us know if you can lend a hand during the festival.

Scholarship Opportunity
A scholarship fund has been established with Dick’s passions in mind. This award will be given out at the Festival. Anyone in the Estes Valley with a passion for the arts can apply for this scholarship simply by providing your contact information and answering a few questions on the application form. 

1-Tell us about your creative work.

2-Tell us about how you are going to use the scholarship money.

3-Tell us about how you and your art (creative) work will contribute or impact your community.

We'd love to make you a recipient! ​To apply for the Dick Orleans Scholarship: Download the application from the Estes Arts District Website and submit the completed form to by Friday August 20th.

The Estes Arts District’s mission with Friends of Folk Festival is to grow the event into a well-executed, professional level festival while still maintaining Dick Orleans’ original vision of promoting new and emerging artists.

Dick Orleans was always supporting others to pursue their art, whether music or photography or anything! He inspired so many and we want to keep that energy going. We miss you Dick!

Get more details from the Friends of Folk Festival pages at

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