History Of McLaughlin Ranch

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On Friday April 9, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. join local author Bob Leavitt as he explores the history of McLaughlin Ranch, the second ranch in the Estes Valley. This program is free and open to the public and will take place over Zoom. No registration is required. Use the following link to participate: zoom.us/j/94031666031. The link can also be found under the “Programs & Events” tab on the Museum’s website.

A few years ago, Bob Leavitt began researching the history of Carriage Hills and soon realized that he had to go back to the early history of the southern Estes Valley to fully understand the origin of the area. Historian Laureate James Pickering told Bob, “I think there was a very early ranch in the southern Estes Valley.” Subsequent research identified James McLaughlin as the occupant of that ranch. But where was it located exactly and what became of the McLaughlin ranch? Bob sought to answer these questions and will share his findings, sources, and methods used to research the ranch.

Bob and his wife, Connie, moved from Lincoln Nebraska to Carriage Hills in 2014, along with their two golden retrievers. They have always loved Estes Park and the Colorado mountains, and decided to retire here. Bob has been a history buff for many years. After reading several local history books, he discovered that little has been written about the southern Estes Valley and Carriage Hills. His book on this subject is forthcoming.

Joining 5-10 minutes early is encouraged to make sure participant audio and video is working correctly. Questions about Zoom? Visit the Zoom support page beforehand to better understand this platform as staff will not be able to troubleshoot technological questions during the program.

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