Scott Rashid, director of the Colorado Avian Research and Rehabilitation Institute or CARRI; and the author of Small Mountain Owls and The Great Horned Owl and in-depth Study, will be giving a presentation about his new book Exploring the World of the Barn Owl. The program will be held on Thursday, November 21st at 6:00 p.m. at the Estes Park Community Center. Tickets are available at the door or at

Scott has been working with Barn Owls since the early 1990’s, and members of the Colorado Avian Research and Rehabilitation Institute have been working with Barn Owls since 2014.

Scott noticed that the numbers of these remarkable predators had been declining. Therefore, members of CARRI began building and placing nest boxes for Barn Owls throughout Northern Colorado. To date they have place 26 nest boxes for Barn Owls, from south Boulder to the Wyoming border.

Once the boxes were in place, Scott and his team began placing cameras both inside and outside of the nest boxes. This enabled them to monitor the owls 24/7, and learn much about the owls that was previously unknown.

During the program, Scott will discuss many fascinating aspects of this seldom seen predator. For example, Barn Owls nest in large nest boxes and other man-made structures, and feed upon voles and other small mammals, and if there are enough small mammals near a nesting pair of Barn Owls, they will raise two families in a summer. When they do this, they often begin nesting in February or March and continue nesting until September or October.

A Barn Owl family will consume over 800 small mammals in a nesting season; and a pair of adult Barn Owls can raise as many as 14 owlets in a single year.

Owls are anatomically unique among birds, yet Barn Owls are anatomically unique among owls. Barn Owls are so unique, in fact, that researchers have placed them in their own family.

During the program, Scott will show both still images and video clips of the lives of Barn Owls. He will also discuss the unique anatomy of Barn Owls, along with their courtship activities, egg laying and incubation dates and durations; growth of the owlets, number of small mammals they consume and the fledging and post fledging activities of Barn Owls.

The program is open to all ages and tickets are only $10.00. You can purchase ticket at

The price of all ticket sales will go directly to help pay to rehabilitated inured birds in the Estes Valley.

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