Festival of Trees

With Covid still being in our lives and surging in Colorado at this time and in wanting to help our community to be as healthy as possible, Quota members did not feel it was responsible to hold the 2021 Home Tour. The decision was made due to complications of hosting a safe event for both participants, homeowners and members of our club. So we have a different perspective on this long running annual event. Please join us in our “Stay at Home Tour”. Give yourself the opportunity to put your feet up, sip on your favorite beverage in front of your own fire and cozy home and find some rest at this busy time of year. Find your True Holiday Spirit knowing that you have supported our wonderful community with a tax deductible contribution to Estes Park Quota.

Estes Park Quota has not been able to host their regular annual fundraisers for over the past year due to the Covid pandemic, yet we are still generously giving back to our community.

Quota is a nonprofit organization, helping hearing and speech impaired individuals and disadvantaged women and children. They also have a medical supply Loan Closet open to all residents of Estes and visitors for when you experience an illness or injury. Other local efforts include working with our local Estes Park Health to raise funds for ambulances for our community, AEDs that are distributed throughout town and our police department, services to children and seniors, student scholarships, Estes Park Fire District, Glen Haven Volunteer Fire food, health and education support for our kids through school programs, Meals on Wheels, Women’s Monument Project and so much more.

Please consider giving. the gift of well-being for yourself and your community by contributing to our Stay at Home Fundraiser. You can go to our website at estesparkquota.com to make your donation or talk with your Quota members friends.

Don’t forget to visit our Festival of Trees at Estes Park Resort, 1700 Colorado Peaks Dr., Estes Park

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