4th of July

The Town of Estes Park's Events Division announces a variety of festive activities downtown during the July 4th weekend, including the creation of the first-ever Photo Hunt Contest.

Several activities will add to the Independence Day ambience. In Bond Park: a giant American flag will be stenciled on the lawn and available for photo opportunities all weekend, and on Saturday, the We Support Estes Park organization will have antique cars and fire engines available for viewing from 12 to 4 p.m. On Saturday, patriotic music will be piped throughout the downtown area, and local musicians (some from the Village Band) will play familiar tunes from aboard a flatbed trailer traveling up and down Elkhorn Avenue. A schedule will be available by July 3 at www.estesparkeventscomplex.com.

Photo Hunt Contest

The Photo Hunt encourages visitors and residents alike to collect photos of some of Estes Park's landmarks and get the chance to win a free stay at The Stanley Hotel.

Events & Visitor Services Director Rob Hinkle commented, "The Photo Hunt provides a fun incentive to explore Estes Park and its hidden and not-so-hidden treasures. We wanted to encourage people to do a walking tour of town so they can see more of our downtown businesses and restaurants."

Participants must locate and photograph the following twelve landmarks/items in the downtown area:

1. Giant stenciled American flag on a centrally-located lawn

2. Mountain lion bronze sculpture

3. The large waterwheel

4. The giant Columbine flower sculpture

5. The large xylophone

6. The bronze sculpture of Enos Mills and his dog, Scotch

7. The gazebo west of Moraine Ave.

8. Mrs. Walsh's Garden gate

9. The Historic Park Theater

10. Any painted utility box on the Riverwalk

11. The bronze sculpture of Samson the Elk

12. Any t-shirt noting Estes Park's altitude (7,522 feet)

*WILDCARD: One of the several bronze pika sculptures scattered around town (any one of them may be used as a Wildcard replacement for any ONE of the above).

Photographs must be submitted by email no later than midnight Sunday, July 5, 2020, to photohunt@estes.org. Photos may only be submitted via email. Late submissions will not be eligible for the prize drawing. Please include name and phone number with each email. Contest and photo submission information is also available at www.estesparkeventscomplex.com. (Fun, creative photos will be much appreciated by the reviewers!)

Qualifying entries will be eligible for a drawing to win one complimentary overnight stay (one room for one night) at The Stanley Hotel (some limitations and date exclusions may apply).

For information on the status of other upcoming events, stay tuned to the Events Complex website: www.estesparkeventscomplex.com.

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