10 Year Anniversary Of The Sweetest Bear In Colorado

Join Jo Adams and family and the staff at The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory this Saturday, August 13 as they celebrate the tenth anniversary of the time a bear broke into the candy shop.

The event happened ten years ago, a young black bear broke into The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory here in Estes Park and had a heyday filling up on chocolate treats from this popular candy shop.

Owner of the store Jo Adams came into work like any other day and something struck her as odd, a candy tin and a cellophane wrapper on the floor and dirt on top of her check-out counter. Jo had recently installed four surveillance cameras in the shop and decided to check the video. Jo could make out the shape of a body that had entered the store and noticed it had black fuzzy ears on top of it’s head. Jo blurted out, “That’s a bear!” Sometime during the night, a young black bear had gotten into the shop and enjoyed lots and lots of chocolatey treats!

The video is entertaining to watch as the bear takes mouthfuls of candy from the display rack at the counter and then walks out the door and eats it on the sidewalk. The bear went in and out of the shop seven times in a matter of 20 minutes! At one point, he came back in and placed his paws on the glass candy display case, leaving nothing but footprints, doing no damage at all. Jo was amazed at how gentle and polite this bear was. Not a thing was damaged in the entire store and he left twenty minutes later on a sugar high!

This bear certainly satisfied his sweet tooth. Apparently, the bear’s favorite things were the chocolate covered Rice Krispie treats, peanut butter buckets, a special Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory treat called Balls of Joy, English Toffee and no surprise here, giant chocolate dipped cookies called Cookie Bears!

The bear was able to get in due to a faulty lock on the door which didn’t latch properly. He slipped his claws underneath the door and was able to pop the door open. The lock was immediately replaced and the bear was not able to break into the store again.

As word got around about the bear break-in, customers came in and wanted to order the same treats the bear enjoyed. Jo fixed up some “Bear’s Choice” bags of goodies and said, “We’ve sold so many of these in the past year!”

Now ten years later, the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is hosting an anniversary party for the sweetest bear in town this Saturday, August 13 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. At the event, their special bear mascot will be giving away chocolate bear suckers for the kids.

You have got to WATCH the bear in action: youtu.be/_3GiXckb9z0

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