Update On Estes Park Women’s Monument Project

Sculptor Jane DeDecker in her Loveland, CO studio.

The project is making great progress and is on track for a late summer 2021 dedication in Estes Park. The project has chosen Jane DeDecker of Loveland, Colorado to be the primary artist for the project. Jane has produced a beautiful design for the monument and is already hard at work on it. The design will include 12 individual bronze sculptures (and the stories) of 12 historical women of Estes Park in a wonderful park-like setting along the Riverwalk in downtown Estes Park. The women featured in the monument are diverse and from multiple time frames in our history and all have contributed to make Estes Park the great and interesting place that it is today. The centerpiece of the monument will be a bronze sculpture of Eleanor Hondius and her story. Eleanor will be sitting on large steps allowing the public to “sit” with her. Pieter Hondius (Eleanor’s son) strongly supports this project and has made a sizable donation himself. This monument will be beautiful, educational and inspirational to all who experience it. Jane is also creating (by an act of Congress) a large Women’s Suffrage Monument for the Mall in Washington, DC. Needless to say, Jane is very talented and Estes Park is very fortunate to have her on this project. There are currently hundreds of your friends and neighbors who are working in some way to support this wonderful project. All we need now, is you!

The project is currently primarily focused on raising the remainder of the money needed for the monument. The project has raised well over $70,000 of the $100,000 needed for completion. It’s time to wrap this fundraising effort up. Now it’s up to you to make your donation and help us complete the fundraising efforts. Hundreds of folks have already made a 100% tax deductible donation. Every donation, no matter how large or small helps. What a great way to honor our past while contributing to a brighter future. Now is the time for you to make your donation and be part of this project. Many donors are making their donations in honor of someone that they love who also loves Estes Park. Whatever works for you, it works for the project.

Basic project information, status and a link to a donation form can be found online at www.earthwoodgalleries.com/estes-park-womens-monument-project/

Let’s rally around the Historical Women of Estes Park project and get the fundraising done. The goal is to have this monument completed, installed and donated to the town by the late summer of 2021. Let us be a part of the future by honoring our past, donate now and we’ll get the Estes Park Women’s Monument built in our community. You can email me at info@earthwoodgallery.com anytime to ask questions and discuss the project in more detail.

Thank you,

Ron Wilcocks, Chair - Estes Park Women’s Monument project

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