Mayor Todd Jirsa

As a trained pilot, I often find myself comparing the world around me to the experience of flying an airplane. As we continue to react to this strange, new reality and the threat of the coronavirus, we're each faced with decisions on how to adapt. All of our actions, as individuals and organizations, can be compared to the forces of lift and drag while an airplane is in flight.

It's a stressful time for everyone, and many of our friends and neighbors are coping with losses that weren't imaginable even last week. Our community is an airplane trying to stay in flight, listening to the ever-changing advice and orders of public health officials trying to keep us healthy and tending to our most basic needs. The vast majority of us understand that these actions, though they come with many painful consequences, are intended to provide lift and get us all to our destination safely. Some individuals, however, are consumed by the immediate disappointments or their disagreement with our path. This is expected, and it creates drag that makes it more difficult to fly the plane.

I find, at this time when we are all affected to varying degrees, trying to maintain a perspective of global citizenship and a mentality of doing what's best for our community – the one here in Estes Park, the Colorado community and the global community – is the easiest way to maintain lift. These disruptions will be behind us as soon as possible, and the immediate need is to keep our plane safely on track to its destination. In the meantime, I would ask that you please do what you can to encourage everyone you encounter who's working to add lift to our community's flight. I can assure you that your Town Board and our dedicated staff continue to search for ways we can add lift on this most challenging course.

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