Meila Igel Named American Chemical Society Student Of The Year

By: Pam Frey

Each year Estes Park High School gets to select the most outstanding Chemistry student to receive the American Chemical Society student of the year award. This year that honor goes to Meila Igel. She has worked hard all year, has maintained an almost perfect grade and has shown perseverance even through a cloud school setting. There is not a student more deserving of this award this year.

In a typical year the students and their families celebrate with a banquet and guest speaker and are presented a medal from ACS. With Covid-19, the in-person celebration didn’t happen, but students were still recognized with their medals being mailed directly to them.

Meila is not only an outstanding student in Chemistry, but in all of her classes. She is also currently in Anatomy and Physiology and is again a phenomenal student in that class. Meila would like to pursue medicine in her future. She still has one more year of high school and has not decided where she would like to go, but is leaning towards Grand Canyon University. She was the captain of the cross-country team this year and loves to hike in her Chacos. She loves cute dogs and a really good cup of coffee. Meila has so much potential to make a difference in the world. In times like today with our current pandemic I see students like Meila as a beacon of light towards the future. She is an amazing young woman and I am excited to see how she makes her mark on the world.

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