A History of the Southern Estes Valley With Special Emphasis on Carriage Hills now available

The Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation, Inc. Press (EPMF&F Press) is pleased to announce a new book by Estes Valley resident and Friends member, Bob Leavitt. A History of the Southern Estes Valley With Special Emphasis on Carriage Hills now available at the Estes Park Museum gift shop for $29.95. As always, Estes Park Museum members receive a 10% discount.

A few years ago, Bob Leavitt gazed across the southern Estes Valley and wondered, how did all of this development get started, especially his neighborhood of Carriage Hills? Then one day a local historian told Bob, “I think there was an early ranch in the southern Estes Valley.” Subsequent research by Leavitt confirmed that there indeed was an early ranch (the second one in the Estes Valley) and identified the owner as James McLaughlin. Exactly where was it located and what became of the ranch and its owner? To answer these and other questions, Bob spent several years researching the history of the southern Estes Valley. Follow his journey as he brings to light fascinating, untold stories on the early settlement and subsequent development.

Most of Carriage Hills was once owned by the Earl of Dunraven as part of his famous land grab. The land passed through several owners until it was finally developed as the Carriage Hills subdivision. As the area grew to several hundred homes, a fierce battle erupted over the proposed annexation by the Town of Estes Park. Though annexation was ultimately rejected, it involved issues that still resonate today. Additionally, the book details the growth of Carriage Hills and nearby subdivisions from the 1960s to present and includes comments and photos from longtime residents.

Bob and his wife Connie moved to Carriage Hills in 2014, along with their two golden retrievers. Leavitt has been a history buff for many years. He loves browsing museums and discussing history with anyone who is similarly inclined.

The mission of the Estes Park Museum is to conduct activities that preserve, share, and respect the unique history of Estes Park. For more information, call the Estes Park Museum at 970-586-6256 or visit the Museum's website. Museum gallery hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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