Town Board 2022

The Trustees support the townspeople of Estes Park through the policy, fiduciary, legislative and quasi-judicial decisions they make for the town government and their participation as board members of key organizations.

The Town of Estes Park has a January through December fiscal year. The work the Trustees and I do corresponds to that calendar. As the new year begins, I find myself thinking about that work as either being on-going and new.

In the on-going category, is the work I do to fulfill my promises to the townspeople of Estes Park who elected me the mayor. It includes: representing all residents in all matters that come before me; actively listening to opinions of residents as I deliberate on matters; explaining my position on key issues; fostering a respectful and productive culture among Town employees and trustees; and leading with honesty, transparency and vision.

The weekly report-out (there have been over 130 so far) I write and the regular morning and afternoon office hours I set aside to meet with people at Town Hall are part of my on-going effort to honor my promises. Scheduling a meeting with me is simple. Either call the Clerk’s Office at (970) 577-4773, email me at or call me direct at (970) 577-3706.

Also on-going is my representation of the townspeople as a board member of key entities, such as the Platte River Power Authority, the Larimer County Behavior Health Treatment Center and Solid Waste Policy Committee. Each of these entities provide vital services to the people of Estes. All have big plans for the year ahead. For instance, the Larimer County Behavior Health Treatment Center, off of Trilby Road in Fort Collins is 65% complete and plans to have a grand opening next December. And the Solid Waste Policy Committee recently learned that a Request for Project plan is in process for transfer of Larimer County communities’ trash to the new landfill scheduled to open in the next three to five years. This project has been in motion since 2015.

The Trustees and I monitor the progress of the Town’s new projects. During the first quarter, several new projects are commencing. At the end of January, the Loop Project will begin repairing the Ivy Street Bridge. Bids for Downtown Wayfinding Signage Project are due on February 2nd, with construction to follow soon after. And the Fall River Trail Extension Project, in coordination with Xcel Energy, will begin moving existing gas lines when details are complete. Until then, construction of retaining walls will occur at the western end of the project.

In February, the Trustees and I will consider requests for rollover funding for uncompleted projects that are part of 2022 Strategic Plan of the Town. A big shout out to the Town employees who are feverishly working to complete the projects. Then, in March the Trustees and I will be meeting with Larimer County's Commissioners in Estes Park to consider a funding structure for a stormwater mitigation effort throughout the Estes Valley. The staff of the Town’s Public Works Department has spent many years moving this project forward. My goal is to help them get a go-forward-plan during the next year.

As this report out makes clear, 2023 will be a busy time for the townspeople of Estes Park, their Town and their elected officials, including me. I plan to keep my eyes on the prize, while dealing with the on-going and new and ask that you do the same.

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