Wendy Koenig

Am I the only one in Estes Park who finds the information about COVID-19 vaccines to be confusing and somewhat intimidating? Do you, like me, have more questions than answers after going to the Larimer County Public Health website, attending vaccination seminars on Zoom or reading posts on Facebook?

Despite the hype and hopes about the vaccines, I question what to do. Should I wait to receive a “lottery” notification from UC Health? As a patient of doctors at Estes Park Health, am I even in the UCH lottery?

Two posts on Facebook say call Salud in Estes Park for an appointment. I call, call and call... the line is busy. Should I go there? Walk in without an appointment?

I’ve read that there are groups—1, 1A, 2 and so on. Those group members have target dates for being vaccinated. Depending on the source, the groups and dates vary. So, what’s my group? Must I register? If so, how and where? Or should I wait until my personal physician notifies me?

Am I crazy? Are you? No, we aren't crazy.

The confusion that’s immobilizing me, you and a majority of the townspeople of Estes Park isn't due to age. Nor is it due to gaps in our computer knowledge. It largely results from communication regarding vaccinations constantly changing and adjustments and re-prioritizations occurring too often.

So, what to do? If you haven’t already done so, please register to receive email updates from Larimer County Public Health at Larimer.org. The updates will help you know when—based on the vaccine distribution plan of the State of Colorado—you’ll be able to get vaccinated.

Scroll down to “COVID-19 Vaccine” at Larimer.org website. This section contains vaccination process information from the State of Colorado, Banner Health, Centura Health, Kaiser Permanente, Salud Family and UC Health. Access the information by going to the Covid-19 Vaccine page.

The vaccine doses Larimer County receive affects the rate that vaccinating occurs. As of Saturday, January 16, 18,570 vaccinations had been administered in Larimer County, with 5.3-percent of all residents receiving one dose, and 3,892 a second dose. As vaccine availability increases, and thankfully they are increasing, the Town of Estes Park when needed will make facilities available to support an efficient and widespread vaccination process for all wanting to be vaccinated.

While awaiting resolution of the kinks in the vaccination processes and our respective turns in the vaccine line, let’s not let frustration immobilize us. Rather let’s keep pushing back on COVID-19 by continuing to shelter in place, socially distance, wearing face coverings and washing hands often. Further, please keep supporting each other, and believing that better days are ahead.

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