Community Happy Hour For Learning

Sue Yowell Executive Director Estes Park Learning Place, throwing in the hops for Rock Cut’s Saison brew Les Duex Oreilles, the Two Ears with brewer/co-owner of Rock Cut Brewing Co., Jordan Hazelton. The beer is named after what the French Trappers in the Estes Valley called Mount Meeker and Longs Peak. Save the date, Thursday, May 27th at 6:00 p.m. for our Annual fundraiser, this year called “Community Happy Hour for Learning.” We will be featuring this brew with options for dinner from Mama Rose’s/Poppy’s Pizza and Grill and a Nick Mollé video of Rock Cut’s brewing process. A separate video will also tell you a little about The Learning Place and what we have been up to this past year during COVID-19. We will once again be virtual, but with a live stream and fun for all. Even break out “tables” to meet others at the event! Join us!

A Virtual Fundraiser: Please note new date: Thursday, May 27th at 6 p.m.

This year for our Annual Fundraiser, we have partnered with Poppy's Pizza and Grill/Mama Rose's and Rock Cut Brewery to bring you a delicious carry-out dinner and brew.

Our plan is to hold a live-streamed event where you can virtually interact with others as if you were sitting together at a table during the evening.

We will share a video produced by Nick Mollé Productions about how the brew you will be enjoying was made at Rock Cut Brewery. This special brew is a saison called Les Deux Oreilles. The Two Ears is the name the French Trappers called Mount Meeker and Longs Peak.

As part of the evening event we will also share a short in-house video about our work with students at The Learning Place.

We have two types of reservation tickets:

• A ticket without any order for food or brew for free.

• A $30.00 ticket for a food/brew order

All meals will contain a beer, a small caprese, a house salad, and cannoli.

Entrée options are:

Individual Straziante or Mediterranean pizza;

Old World Spaghetti, or Fettuccine with Basil Pesto.

We will make contact with you before May 26th to let you choose your entrée(s).

Pick-up from Mama Rose's Restaurant will take place on May 27th from 4:00-5:30 p.m.

Once you make your reservation, we will send you out the link to our event to be able to attend.

You can also make a donation to The Learning Place with either type of reservation or wait until the day of the event to donate.

Make a reservation here:

Or call in a reservation to Sue at 970-577-0020.

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