Hale A Pedicab

Hale A Pedicab LLP would like to announce that it will be offering service in and around Estes Park beginning in May 2016!

We are a locally owned, family business that is 100% 0 emissions. Hale A Pedicab service will include downtown, fairgrounds, "motel row" on Big Thompson Ave and out to Fall River Road. We've lived and worked in Estes Park for over 20 years with experience guiding cycling tours in the area as well as working on the ambulance service and with local law enforcement.

A little bit about us:

Cabs - Our cabs are locally manufactured...not just here in America, but only 40 miles away! They seat 4 and come equiped with USB chargers for passengers to power up their electronic devices while on the go. Riders can cruise open air, with a sun canopy, or with a full, weather-proof enclosure depending on the weather. The cabs come with step-ups and grab bars for easy loading and unloading and passengers will enjoy the fact that the carriages also have suspension.

Safety - With 24 years of combined experience in emergency medicine and law enforcement, safety is a priority. Our cabs come with seat belts, turn signals, headlamps, and tail lights. We are fully insured and our drivers must have a clean driving record and criminal background check, a current AMERICAN driver's license and undergo training before carring passengers. We also follow local and state traffic laws as well as check-in regularly with local law enforcement to ensure safe operation and keep abreast of any changes in local planning or traffic regulations.

Our Business - It's super important to us that every effort is made to be a local business. From our bike manufacturer and bike part supplier to our bank, insurance, storage and every other aspect of the business, we are here to support the local business community. Our aim is to expand the reach of tourists by helping them access EVERY part of downtown and beyond. In most businesses, they pride themselves on NOT taking shortcuts, but at Hale A Pedicab, that's exactly what we do. We want to stay out of the way as much as possible...let's face it, traffic is bad enough whether or not there are pedicabs downtown. We want to get people where they want to go as safely and quickly as possible. That means we will be staying out of traffic as much as we can and using our local knowledge to access destinations, sometimes taking short-cuts...all while following the local traffic laws!

Availability - We are available by appointment or by just waving us down. For the most part, we will be running during peak visitor/traffic times, on weekends and afternoons and evenings starting May 20. We are also available for parties, weddings, tours, and special events. We will also be announcing some fun activities and themes that will highlight cruising to local businesses. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and at our web site: www.haleapedicab.vpweb.com

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