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Summer is officially here, and readers have reasons to celebrate. First things first: THE LIBRARY IS OPEN. We missed you and look forward to welcoming everyone back.

What other reasons are there to celebrate? To start, there are now three ways to borrow library books, audiobooks, magazines, and more: 1) visit during open hours-Mondays through Fridays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; 2) schedule a curbside “to-go” order; or 3) access digital collections 24/7.

There’s a book calling for you, whether enjoyed through the printed page or downloaded to your device, whether read in peaceful solitude, or read aloud in shared time with family or friends.

If you’ve been hearing that calling to seek out the inner satisfaction of reading, we’ve got just the thing to get you inspired.

The 2020 Summer Reading Program is underway, with the theme, “Imagine Your Story.” It’s for all ages: adults, teens, kids, and even babies and toddlers. Reading motivates us to set aside relaxing time in our busy lives. Once we find those precious few minutes within a day, we tend to find them again the next day, and the day after. And reading helps avoid the ‘summer slide’, keeping kids primed for fall back-to-school learning.

The library’s program sweetens the deal with great prizes: Lego creatures, plush dragons and books; Q&A Journals and around-town gift certificates. Grand prize? A camera bundle. It’s all made possible by caring donors to the Library Friends & Foundation, who champion literacy year-round.

Prize distribution will enter full swing beginning this Monday. Register at and we’ll send prize details as you begin logging your reading minutes.

And to further inspire summer reading, we’ve got a great line-up of library programs for all ages.

“Our Wonderful World” is the library’s popular armchair-travel series, offering a special online edition this summer. Just this week, we premiered a four-part series on the wonders and culture of Uzbekistan, hosted by local globe-trekker Kathy Delker. You can watch these programs anytime-click on the YouTube icon at

Summer is a great time to imagine and explore the wildlife around us. Our own Mr. Chase will lead a virtual read-aloud series of the classic children’s novel “Poppy,” about a deer mouse and her family who contend with a ferocious new neighbor, the owl named Mr. Ocax.

This read-aloud series, happening July 8-11, is the perfect prelude to our special online program on July 25 with Rocky Mountain Raptors—featuring a real live Great Horned Owl as the special guest. Watch for details soon.

New storytimes are premiering online each week, featuring children’s librarians Melanie and Chase, plus Spanish Read-Alouds with Gretel. If you’ve got youngsters, you can now invite them to Storytime—even if they’re miles away. Treat yourselves to a shared viewing time!

Register for the Summer Reading Program, and look for more great programs all summer long.

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