“The Untold Story Of Estes Park”

Students apply classroom skills during visit to the Stanley Home Museum and Education Center.

Estes Park seventh grade students Gabby Voelz, Hailey Downey, Chayse Ordner, Harvey Griffith, Caleb Estanol and Benjamin Curran toured the Stanley Home Museum on February 28, 2023.

They gathered information for their project “The Untold story of Estes Park.”

The visit to the Stanley Home Museum enabled them to apply skills they learned in the Project Based Learning class. Harvey Griffith contacted the museum and set up the time and the date of the tour.

The students eagerly toured the Stanley Home Museum, collecting new information, and asked questions that they could use in preparing their written essays.

The project required first learning about photography from James Frank, who shared his knowledge about telling a story through photography.

The students’ mission was to take great photos with their IPADs using compositions indoors and outdoors and keeping in mind what they had learned from Mr. Frank.

Composing a good email and phone script was also part of their task. This challenge required students to practice speaking to people on the phone and conduct interviews.

They used worksheets with their project goals, what they had accomplished so far, and what their next steps would be as a part of also learning project management.

I was able to attend the students’ presentation of their visit to the Stanley Home Museum and was delighted to see the things that they had chosen to put on their story board alongside photographs they had taken of the home.

The Stanley Home Museum and Education Center was excited to be a part of this excellent educational experience. We look forward to having more students’ tour the home to hear the inspiring stories about the lives of F.O. and Flora Stanley.

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