Beaver Relocation

After the 2013 flood, the beaver families residing on Fish Creek had to find new homes. Some of them swam all the way down to the Big Thompson Canyon. Less fortunate ones relocated to Scott Ponds.

Scott Ponds provide very poor habitat for beavers because of the lack of willows and aspen. Consequently, many wonderful people fed the animals throughout the winter months; and this week, all the beavers were live-trapped by Sherri Tippie, a professional live beaver trapper and relocator. She had much help as well.

Thanks the following people who made this all possible: Sherri Tippie, Frank Lancaster, Greg Muhonen, Rick Spowart, Sharon and Wayne Groome, Sonja and Hugh McTeague, Tom Gootz, Tom Street, Sharon and Jack Moran, David Born, Byron Prinzmetal, Mike LeBeau, Mike Sapinski, Robert and Annie Alsobrook, Johanna Darden, and Andy Jozwiak. Obviously, the entire process took a team effort from very caring and wonderful people. 

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