May 6 kicks off Nurses Week, which ends on May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Nightingale made many improvements to the field of nursing during her life as well as possessing boundless compassion for her patients. Known as “The Lady with the Lamp,” Nightingale often checked on the soldiers she treated in the night, writing letters to their families for them similar to the way nurses help COVID-19 patients connect with family members via video chat and phone today.

Nurses Day is Thursday, May 6, and over the last year, the nurses at Estes Park Health have worked hard to keep the community healthy and safe. From operating with limited supplies during the early days of the pandemic to comforting critically ill patients separated from their loved ones, nurses and staff at Estes Park Health have gone above and beyond to ensure the safety and comfort of the residents and visitors to the Estes Valley.

If you’d like to honor a nurse or staff member of Estes Park Health, consider donating on National Nurses Day. All donations go toward COVID-19 response in the Estes Valley and Estes Park Health Foundation Staff will deliver a personalized note to the staff member you choose to honor. Visit or call 970-577-4370 to contribute. If you donate online, choose “Nurses Day” as your gift designation and recognize your provider with a note in the Comments Box.

The Estes Park Health Foundation increases community awareness of Estes Park Health, and develops, manages and distributes funds to assist EPH in fulfilling its mission. To learn more about initiatives or to volunteer, contact them at or 970-577-4370.

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