Migrant Education Program Supports  Migrant Families In Estes Park

By: Karen McPherson,

Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center

The Migrant Education Program is a national program which seeks to support children of families who must migrate regularly for work, specifically agricultural work. The program was established in 1966 by the United States Department of Education, and is run locally out of the Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) offices in Greeley.

A recruiter from the Greeley office is currently working with the Estes Park School District to identify families that may qualify for their program. Their goal is to ensure that children of migrant families are not affected academically due to their highly mobile lifestyle and that they can obtain a high school diploma or GED.

Families who have lived in Estes for less than three years, that have school age children, and that work or have worked in agriculture are eligible. If a family is eligible, they may receive support such as: inspiring visits to nearby colleges, tutoring services, tuition assistance for secondary school, family picnics and fiestas, internet connectivity to work from home, and more.

This federal program is available through the school district as a supplemental education tool for children of migrant workers; identified families bring additional funding to the school and benefit from direct services.

Any family that believes they are eligible, or anyone who is in touch with families that may benefit from the Migrant Education Program’s services, are encouraged to reach out via phone or email to Julian Aponte, local recruiter: 970-352-7404 ext. 1120, JAponte@cboces.org.

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