Vacation Home Rentals

New regulations from Larimer County will help ensure that dwellings used as short-term rentals are safe for occupancy and compatible in their neighborhoods.

A dwelling is considered a short-term rental if it is rented by its owner for less than 31 days.

The new regulations became effective Sept. 1, 2019 and include short-term rental dwellings in Larimer County outside of city and town limits, and outside the Estes Park Planning Area.

Larimer County short-term rental property owners will receive notification of the new rules beginning Feb. 5, 2020.

The notification will advise short-term rental property owners to comply with standards in the Larimer County Land Use and Building Codes and obtain necessary land use and building code permits.

Short-term property owners who haven’t received notifications are still required to adhere to the new regulations. Information on short-term rental regulations can be found at

Property owners can choose the following options for their short-term rental:

• Get the necessary approvals and permits for compliance by registering at

• Discontinue using the property as a short-term rental by signing an acknowledgment form to confirm the property is no longer being used as a short-term rental and wish not to obtain the necessary approvals and permits. Obtain the acknowledgment form by visiting

STR-Options. Return the completed form to

• Notifying Larimer County if there is an error in our records.

As an incentive to comply with the new short-term rental rules, Larimer County is offering an application fee discount through 2020. Volunteer compliance is encouraged, however, Larimer County will further action with approvals if approvals have not been obtained for short-term rental properties.

Questions? Contact Larimer County Community Development or need help in the compliance process.

Website link:

Planner on call: [970] 498-7679 or by email:

Building staff on call: [970] 498-7660

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