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We are excited to announce starting next summer, the Lazy B Wranglers will once again be offering our chuckwagon supper and western show in Estes Park. We will be appearing at our new location at the Dao House Retreat and mountain lodge, just seven miles south of town at the foot of Longs Peak. Local residents may recall this location as The Aspen Lodge. The first structure was built on this amazing 84 acre mountain property in 1915 and we are blessed to have such a beautiful setting to host our mountain west shows and family friendly entertainment.

After a year away for the pandemic, and then due to the ongoing re-development at the Elkhorn Lodge, we were forced to skip this summer as well. Just as the calls for group reservations were starting for next year, another challenge came up this summer. The developer at the Elkhorn let us know about the ongoing delays in the permitting process, and that our chances of being able to perform at the site next year were not looking good. It's not the cowboy way to give up, so after some research and a few calls, we were thrilled to line up a location where our guests will once again experience a true mountain west cowboy supper and live stage show. In addition to being a great destination for families and small groups, guests staying at the Dao House will receive discounted ticket prices. We will have a large outdoor deck and reception area facing Longs Peak, and a great indoor lodge venue for our supper and stage show.

And best of all, we will once again feature the always popular smoked brisket supper on a hot tin plate, followed by our traditional western show led by Barbara Barleen and the Wrangler band. And based on great feedback and so many repeat visits, we will again feature a two show format, "A Trail Ride Through Time" and "The Spirit of the West". The song list for each show will feature the range of talent in our six member band delivering a great mix of nostalgic western and country tunes. We promise to always have something for everyone, and an evening that all ages will enjoy.

And of course a sincere thanks to so many around the community who offered words of encouragement and support as we worked through the challenge to keep this unique summertime tradition alive in Estes Park. We look forward to seeing everyone again next summer

when our season kicks off on Fathers Day weekend and runs through late September. More details about the location and making reservations can be found on our website: . Until then, happy trails.

Quentin and Roxanne Wedan, Owners

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