Trailblazer Broadband

After a brief hiatus at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, in late April Estes Park Power & Communications resumed installations of Trailblazer Broadband, a community-owned and operated high-speed internet service that is delivered over fiber optic cable.

Estes Park Power & Communications customers have been anxiously awaiting the phased construction of Trailblazer Broadband. The service rollout of the fastest internet available in the Estes Valley has taken place in a few Estes Park neighborhoods, including most of Carriage Hills.

Installations came to a halt for over a month with the developing pandemic. "We did not see that coming," commented Utilities Director Reuben Bergsten. Trailblazer paused installations because the Town's first priority is the health and safety of its community members, staff, and contractors.

Bergsten noted, "In this time of physical distancing, reliable internet is more important than ever. This slight delay has been frustrating for a few customers, and we understand why." Trailblazer staff quickly worked to develop a new protective installation process to continue to make progress on its critical infrastructure. The new installation protocol includes:

A pre-installation phone call to review the homeowners' rights to stop installation at any time if they have concerns

All installations can be rescheduled at no charge

Installers will wear face coverings at all times and frequently use hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes

The installed equipment will be wiped down before the installer leaves

Installers will don new shoe covers and gloves at each home

Additionally, both private volunteers and Town employees are making face coverings for the Trailblazer team

While the pandemic has slowed the process of installations, the Trailblazer team has revised the construction plan to keep contractors working and installations crews have been increased to help get back on schedule.

"As we all work together to slow the spread of COVID-19 and help our society recover, in health and economy, you can rest assured that Trailblazer Broadband and its employees will continue ahead in our mission to provide you with the fastest and most reliable internet," said Bergsten.

The initial startup utilized Estes Park Power & Communications' smart grid fiber-optic infrastructure, which already exists in specific neighborhoods and is in development in others. Trailblazer Broadband will be available in existing smart grid locations this year and will roll out in surrounding areas over the next three to five years. All residents that participate in the sign-up registry will receive updates specific to their residence or business location. Since reliable internet is more important now than ever, residents living in all "Service Available" areas can take advantage of an extension of the Mountaineer Package, which is the best pricing available for Trailblazer Broadband.

To learn more about the Broadband service and signup for additional updates visit Follow Trailblazer on Facebook to keep up with other opportunities:

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