Trail Ridge Quilters/Newcomers Club Quilt Sale

The week of June 22-26 the Estes Park Newcomers Club hosted an online sale for the Trail Ridge Quilters. The event provided the opportunity for the Trail Ridge Quilters to hold their annual Spring sale and fundraiser for Estes Park Health Foundation during the COVID 19 crisis.

The turnout was considerably more successful than expected, raising approximately $5,000 which will support the ongoing needs of Estes Park Health.

There were over 140 items sold with a single day sale of over $2,000. The most expensive item sold was a queen size hand quilted quilt for $470 and the largest purchase was two queen size quilts for over $850. There were well over 500 visits to the Newcomers website during the sale period.

We want to thank all the Newcomers Club members for supporting this event and appreciate the participation of the community. The Trail Ridge Quilters are considering making this an annual event.

We want to thank the community for all you do in support of our local hospital. These fundraising events are a good opportunity to both engage loyal donors and introduce new people to the critical work being performed on the front lines to keep our community safe. These gifts have been used to upgrade services and purchase much needed equipment to serve the health needs of those in our community.

Founded in 1991, Trail Ridge Quilters, an Interest Group sponsored by the Newcomers Club, has been sewing and serving our community for over 30 years. Core to the group is their mission to support the Estes Park Health Foundation. TRQ conducts 3-4 sales each year, with proceeds going to support the EPH Foundation. Over the years, quilt sales have raised over $260,000 for the hospital foundation. These gifts have been used to upgrade services and much needed equipment to serve the health needs of those in our community.

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