Paid Parking Downtown

In light of the unknown economic impact of COVID-19 on the Estes Park community, the implementation of seasonal paid parking has been postponed until the guest season of 2021. Meanwhile, downtown parking lots are beginning to fill up and there are several new and returning resources available for downtown employees, locals and guests who are looking for the best way to navigate downtown parking this summer:

Near real-time parking availability can be found on the Estes Parking app, available for iOS and Android devices, as well as online at A new feature this year is the ability to call or text for available parking, without having to download the app. Call or text FIND to 970-409-1255. Both the Estes Park app and text for information feature will be live June 1. A voice command option will be coming in mid-June.

2020 parking permits are available for qualifying residents, rental/lodging owners, and downtown employees. Please visit for details.

There is no overnight parking allowed without a permit in the downtown area, however, new in 2020, short-term overnight parking is available in a designated zone at the Events Complex via the ParkMobile app. For more information about this option, visit and look for “Overnight Permit: General Use”.

Beginning on Monday, June 1, downtown parking will be monitored by the Parking & Transit Division from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily for both data collection and compliance purposes. The Estes Park Police Department will continue to monitor parking areas during the overnight hours. Please observe and follow all posted signage, including posted time restrictions for the following public parking areas:

Town Hall/Library lot (3-hour and 30-minute restrictions)

East Riverside lot (3-hour restrictions)

Riverside lot (3-hour restrictions)

Post Office lot (3-hour and 30-minute restrictions)

Moraine on-street (3-hour restrictions)

Virginia lot (3-hour restrictions)

Visitor Center lot (30-minute and 1-hour restrictions)

On-street parking around Bond Park, on E. Riverside, W. Riverside and Elkhorn Avenue (1-hour and 3-hour restrictions)

All other Town-owned parking facilities and marked on-street locations, nearly 70% of all available public parking, will continue to have no time limits and will remain available for all-day parking. Motorists are encouraged to refer to the Downtown Parking Map, available at, and parking lot signage for site-specific information. Parking enforcement will conclude on September 31.

For more information, visit or contact Matt Eisenberg, General Manager of The Car Park

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