EV Watershed

The Town of Estes Park Utilities Department and the Estes Valley Watershed Coalition have teamed up to offer 25 lucky households free low-flow shower heads.

April 22 was Earth Day, but the EVWC has named April as Earth Month, focusing on water as one of our most important natural resources. Our Wandering Wildlife Society, which offers monthly Wildlife Talks, invited speakers from Northern Water and Colorado Rural Water Association to discuss water on Earth Day. Their online presentation illustrated how water flows to and from Estes Park to reservoirs serving front range communities, with particular focus on how wildfires complicate water delivery.

Thanks to support from EP News and a donation of a rain barrel kit from ACE Hardware, Estes Valley Watershed Coalition has collected other water-savings devices, such as garden driplines, which will be given away to Estes residents in early May. And now, the Town of Estes Park Utilities Department Department has joined the effort by offering 25 free low-flow showerheads. How will these showerheads help? Showering accounts for 17% of all indoor water use. As we shower, we use 2.5 gallons per minute! Low-flow showerheads could save as much as 2,700 gallons per year, which will save water, energy (used to heat the water), and money!

Interested residents must register for the Earth Day drawing or the free showerheads at www.EVWatershed.org/earth-day-2021. Winners will be chosen by Bubba the Bear, the EVWC Mascot. (We all know bears can’t read, so the Vice President of the coalition will read the names of all the winners.) Winners will be announced in early May, so watch for your names in EP News and on our website.

Why is water so important? The amount of water on Earth is finite. But Earth’s population continues to grow. We can’t create new water, so we must use it carefully, guarding against wasting it and polluting it. So, sing while you shower, but make it a quick song.

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