Estes Park Chamber of Commerce

The Estes Chamber formed our first Health Services Council this month. Dr. Cory Workman of Community Hearing Center is the Chamber’s ambassador to the health services community. He hosted the group of physicians to share industry information and referrals. The inspiration for the meeting quicky proved to be effective.

 Jeff Carlson with Colorado Senior Benefits helps senior citizens turning 65 navigate the maze of Medicare. With the open enrollment period for 2022 starting in October, many Medicare patients come to him for advice on reviewing Medicare needs or prescription plans. When it came to the topic of hearing aids, Dr. Workman quickly suggested that it would serve the customer better if Jeff referred them to a local audiologist. He noted that it’s important to point out to patients that many programs marketed as a benefit are really nothing but a discount plan. Professionals like Carlson can help customers make the best determination for their health needs.

Dr. Workman told a story about a local dentist -- Dr. Pike -- who had a patient tell him they became dizzy when he tilted the chair back for an exam. “That could easily be benign positioning vertigo,” Dr. Workman replied. He would perform an Epley maneuver in his office. Dr. Scott Bockelman with Bockelman Chiropractic chimed in that he performs the same maneuver on his chiropractic patients experiencing dizziness. Both agreed it was very beneficial to know the many ways a practitioner can refer someone with dizziness for immediate relief.

Dr. Bockelman also received referrals from massage therapists near his practice, like Margo Good with Emerald Lake Massage. “Massage and chiropractic go hand-in-hand,” says Good. “I recommend to most of my clients to talk to Scott. When your muscles and bones are in sync, your body will feel the most relief.”

In the past week we’ve seen an escalated need for our health services community to pull together to help our town grieve. Crisis Advocates has a hotline you can access at 1-513-970-EVCA (3822). The Estes Valley Resiliency Collaborative is looking into other ways to serve teams and individuals who want to know how to spot someone in crisis and help before things to terribly wrong. We are hoping to partner with health and fitness providers, nutritionists and others who are in the business of creating whole and happy people. Chamber members like Jazzercise are promoting the benefits of dance for improving brain health. If you want to add to this effort, please join us.

The health services council of the Chamber was created for doctors and health services providers to have a mastermind network to share best practices and referrals. They would benefit from expanding the council with more general practitioners, chiropractors, orthopedists, dentists, ophthalmologists, and massage therapists who want to expand their referral network and educate one another. The next meeting is Thursday October 21, 8 a.m., at Bockelman Chiropractic, behind VERT Co-Working at 1230 Big Thompson Avenue, Suite B.

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