Photo by Scott Rashid

Bluebirds migrate to the Estes Valley in early spring, but their numbers have been declining over the years due to loss of habitat. Bluebirds are secondary cavity nesters, which means they need to nest in an existing cavity but are unable to create one themselves. Scott Rashid, of the Colorado Avian Research and Rehabilitation Institute, notes that there are many birdhouses around Estes Park. However, if they are dirty, loaded with debris, or have been claimed by other species, the bluebirds cannot nest in them. If we want bluebird numbers to increase in Estes Park, we need to clean out those birdhouses and/or build new ones.

The Colorado Avian Research and Rehabilitation Institute and Wandering Wildlife Society are teaming up to increase bluebird numbers. And we need your help by participating in The Bluebird Project of Estes Valley.

If you have birdhouses on your property and want to attract bluebirds, please make sure they are clean and empty. Or if you would like volunteers from CARRI to do this for you, please visit our website to make arrangements:

We will be putting articles with more information every Friday in EP NEWS through March 13. If you would like to build your own birdhouse, join us on Saturday, March 14, from 10:00 to 12:00. We will host a free presentation and birdhouse-building experience at the Lower Level Community Room Chiquita at the Recreation Center. Wood and screws have been generously donated by Jim Bangs at Estes Park Lumber. Scott Rashid and several wood-workers will provide directions and assistance to help you build your own birdhouses. Some finished houses will be available for small donations.

For more information on this project please visit

Watch for more news about The Bluebird Project of Estes Valley next week!

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