Don't Feed Wildlife – Woman with Elk

You care about Estes Park’s wildlife. So do we. That’s why the Wandering Wildlife Society (WWS) came into being. The WWS is an outgrowth of the Estes Valley Watershed Coalition (EVWC). After working hard for five years to restore the valley’s waterways post-flood, the EVWC is now raising money for the protection of wildlife and their habitat in the Estes Valley.

We’re working with other network organizations such as Colorado Parks & Wildlife-Northeast Region and the Estes Park Bear Education Task Force. Projects on tap for us in the coming months are improved wildlife ordinances, bear advocacy, signage, volunteer “rangers,” and public service spots to educate Estes Park visitors on ways to safely enjoy wildlife.

That’s where you come in. Colorado Gives Day is an annual event to increase philanthropy in the state through online giving. Their $1 Million Incentive Fund increases the value of every Colorado Gives Day donation you make. This year, Colorado Gives Day is celebrating their 10th anniversary. In honor of that achievement, Colorado Gives will award ten cash prizes worth $10,000 each to qualifying nonprofits.

We’re shooting for the moon. We want that 10K for the bears, elk, moose, mountain lions, eagles, pikas and all the other creatures that live here. Because they’re not just Estes Park’s bread and butter. They’re our greatest treasure. Help us spread the word about being respectful to this magical place they—and we—call home.

Go to

COGIVESDAY no later than December 10th to make your Colorado Gives Day donation. Be sure to make the donation under the Estes Valley Watershed Coalition. And check out our two websites at and

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