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Estes Park Health will hold a second Tele-Townhall on Wednesday September 23rd from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. to provide information, facilitate community input, and have time for questions and answers about alternative plans for the Estes Park Health Living Center.

Please register for the Tele-Townhall at


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

The second Tele-Townhall will focus on a detailed discussion of the 18+ alternative plans for the EPHLC identified in the first Tele-Townhall. The list of the 18+ alternative plans along with the most recent edition of EPHLC Questions & Answers is at

Because of the coronavirus pandemic and limited space in the Timberline Conference room, attendance at all Board and Tele-Townhall meetings will be by electronic means, not in-person, except for members of the EPH Board, Senior Leadership Team, and presenters who will be complying with CDC guidance including physical distancing and mask use.

If you have questions about the webinar or questions or comments on EPHLC, please email or call 970-577-4456. Estes Park Health will continue to seek community input on this topic over the next month.

Some factual information addressing inaccurate social media posts about EPHLC and EPH:

1. Alternative plans for the Estes Park Health Living Center (EPHLC) are being discussed but a decision has not been made.

2. If EPHLC needs to be closed, EPH leadership and clinicians would insist on, and the State of Colorado requires and must approve a plan that would follow best practices required by federal regulations including transfer to the most appropriate facility in terms of quality, services, and location and consider the needs, choice, and best interests of each resident.

3. There have never been plans to build a new EPH Surgery Center. EPH has had General Surgery services for at least 29 years, and Orthopedic Surgery services have been offered since 2010.

4. The $2.7 million per year generated by EPH District property taxes represent 3% of $91 million in Gross Revenues, and 5.5% of $49 million in Net Revenues.

5. EPH has not been sold to UC Health or any other organization, and the sale of EPH is not being discussed.

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