Cameron Peak Fire

Photo by Marlene Borneman

By: EVFPD Fire Marshal, Kevin Sullivan

I am writing this with snow on the ground here in Estes Park when just hours ago we were experiencing high temperatures, extreme fire conditions and several wildfires burning in our region. Specifically, the Cameron Peak Wildfire currently burning in Larimer County doubled in size over the Labor Day holiday weekend, and has the potential to impact portions of the Estes Valley Fire Protection District.

With routine images in the news of wildfires ravaging Colorado and other states, the potential impact of wildfire to our community is clear, but are we really prepared as a community? Is your home really prepared to resist a wildfire? Is your family prepared to evacuate quickly?

Wildfires develop rapidly and can quickly overcome available firefighting resources. While the Estes Valley Fire Protection District is committed to providing you with superior fire and safety services, there are times when firefighters are faced with the difficult choice of protecting homes that are capable of being saved and those that are not.

Homes that stand the best chance of surviving a wildfire have defensible space, fire resistant landscaping, vegetation that has been trimmed to reduce its availability as fuel, and home-hardening construction features.

Families that are prepared to evacuate have a wildfire evacuation and communication plan, have put together a Go Kit, understand two or more evacuation routes, and most importantly, are ready.

The snow will soon be gone, and we expect to return to active fire conditions for the remainder of the wildfire season, but there is still time for you to act and to be prepared. The Estes Valley Fire Protection District has provided a series of Community Information Guides that address specific actions you can take to prepare your home and your family for wildfire. These can be found at

We encourage you to take action now.

If you have questions about how you can be proactive with wildfire preparedness, please contact the Estes Valley Fire Protection District at phone (970) 577-3682.

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