October Non-Profit Pre-Order Sale

GHAVFD (Glen Haven Area Volunteer Fire Department) is made up completely of volunteers. They are a 100% self-funded non-profit that relies completely on donations and fundraising, and they receive no funding from tax revenue. They have worked very closely with other agencies in the area, including the Estes Valley Watershed Coalition, Estes Valley Fire Protection District, and Larimer County Sheriff’s Office.

During the fires of 2020, GHAVFD was able to protect close to 40 structures in the area from the Cameron Peak Fire. They also became part of a strike force, being part of the overall Incident Management Team. And when the East Troublesome Fire jumped the divide and began heading toward the Estes Valley, they sent units up to assist EVFPD and other agencies from around the country.

Sharing a border with the Estes Valley, the Glen Haven Fire Department has been in close mutual aid with Estes Valley Fire District for many years. The two departments work together, responding to emergencies when the other needs assistance – such as the recent fire in the Glacier Creek Stables in RMNP. The two agencies also train together at a regional fire academy held by the Estes department.

In discussing working with the department, Chief David Wolf stated:

“The common thread … is collaboration. Many of the challenges we are facing are bigger than one agency can tackle on their own. By working together, our teams can do more, support one another, and better serve those we hope to protect.”

Post-fire, they have responded to multiple flash flood calls that are the result of the burn scar from the Cameron Peak fire. They have also worked with the Estes Valley Watershed Coalition to recruit volunteers to help with a fuel treatment project on National Wildfire Preparedness Day.

“Glen Haven Area Volunteer Fire Department is an integral part of our community. I had offered a second space for donations for this month to both the Estes Valley Fire Department and the Watershed Coalition, but they both turned it down so that Glen Haven Fire Department could be the full beneficiary of this collaboration. Reiterating the fact that these agencies are a team, a family, and that you can’t have one without the other. Families take care of their own, and we as their community need to make sure our own are also taken care of. These agencies are still working on the aftermath of the destruction from last year’s fires. That’s why I want to do this donation event. So much of our normal day to day would have been so different this past year if these incredible, selfless people wouldn’t have done what they did during the fires last year, and what they continue to do now in mitigation for future events. I feel like it is close to impossible to give back in the same scope that they gave this past year, but to produce something from my soul in a house that I didn’t think was going to be here one year ago… it’s something.” - Lindsey Sutherland

From my website: LASC has produced three custom, one-of-a-kind paintings for this donation event. This is a pre-order print event. That means, Prints of the original paintings are being made after the donation event closes on October 27th, and this is what is being ordered when you check out - Prints of the original paintings being shown.

Please note: You will not receive your ordered prints until after the event closes. All net proceeds will go directly to GHAVFD.

How it works:

• Check out the paintings being featured for this event at


• Choose which one(s) you'd like to purchase. (There is no limit to the number of purchases.) I am offering all prints in either 8.5 x 11 ($25) or 5 x 7 ($18).

• Purchases can be made all through the month of October and will close on October 27th to begin processing, printing, and distribution.

• All prints will be available mid-November. LASC is happy to hand deliver within the Estes Valley. Shipping will be charged on all other orders.

If you would like to make a donation directly to GHAVFD without the purchase of a print, you can do so via their PayPal, which is linked on the donations page.

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